Sunday, June 30, 2019 — 1PM & 6PM

Surasang Private Event

Royal Korean Court Cuisine

Join Mama Jeannie Choi for a culinary event not to be missed! Mama welcomes you to join us in honoring the revered and opulent Surasang Korean Royal Court dining style. Painstakingly prepared and lovingly served, this seven course meal will be a feast for your eyes and your stomach! Well-balanced, and healthful, this indulgent experience will leave you satisfied yet refreshed! We will offer TWO seating times for this private event, to better accommodate our guests busy schedules. Join us for at either 1PM or 6PM service times


First Bite — Wolgwa-chae

Lightly grilled zucchini squash wrapped around thin-sliced beef & tender vegetables, accompanied by a light citrus dipping sauce.

Second — Gujeolpan

Platter of Nine delicacies - Mini crepes with vibrant yet delicate fillings of Julienne Carrot, zucchini, cucumber, shiitake, eggs, as well as shrimp and beef. Served with traditional tangy & sweet dressing on the side.

Third — Kalbi Jjim

Tender, flavorful braised beef short rib & grilled vegetables

Fourth — Mul-Naengmyeon

Refreshing buckwheat noodles in homemade chilled broth, served with Asian pear, thin seasoned radish, cucumber, brisket of beef, and egg

Fifth — Honey Flower

Mini sorghum cake with edible flower, served with honey

Sixth — Mochi

Mochi & sweet azuki-wrapped fresh whole strawberry

Finale — Sikhye

Soothing chilled barley tea, lightly sweetened, & garnished with traditional toasted grain

$29 per person Limited seating available
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