Sunday, September 22, 2019 — 6PM

Asian Thanksgiving Feast

6 Course Private Dinner personally prepared by Mama Jeannie Choi


Scallop Congee

Creamy & satisfying, Mama's spin on this savory Asian favorite is served with fresh Youtiao or Chinese fry bread, crispy shallots, & scallions. This was once the traditional breakfast of Korean nobility.

Glass Noodle Salad

Mama's Japchae, or glass noodle, is considered a health food & made from Yam or sweet potato. Flash-fired with colorful peppers, onions, spinach, & shiitake mushrooms. Versions of this dish is eaten all throughout Asia during special celebrations such as New Years, Thanksgiving, and other momentous occasions.

Skate Ceviche

Highly-prized fresh skate fish artfully cured with rice wine sauce & chilis, served with vegetables.

House-made Classic Peking Duck

Prized for its flavor, texture and technique required to properly executive, Peking duck is a rare treat often reserved for special occasions. Mama skillfully prepares each duck with compressed air & tried-and-true family methods. Served with fresh steamed buns, scallions, cucumber and dipping sauce.

Moon Cake

The ubiquitous symbol of Thanksgiving in China & much of Asia, Mama hand-makes each cake in special molds combining Lotus seed filing, dried fruits, & grounds nuts.

Jasmine Tea

Premium Tea service for traditional finale to this satisfying & abundant feast.

$29 per person Limited seating available (20 tickets available)
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